Camping on Lake Garda: perspectives for tourists under 30

Camping on Lake Garda and future perspectives to attract a young audience!

Posted on 01 May 2018
The Garda Lombardia Consortium, which is responsible for organizing and promoting tourism initiatives on the Brescia side of the largest lake in Italy, has turned its interest to a particular audience, the UNDER 30. The ultimate goal is to attract as much as possible younger tourists, proposing "tailor-made" initiatives and presenting the territory in all its beauties, making it perfect even for a target of young people and not just for families.
The statistical data that reach us year after year and bear witness to the steady growth of arrivals and presences in our coastal villages is a stimulating starting point, from which we can concentrate to find new and particularly attractive solutions for this type of target.
On the other hand, the nature, the history, the culture, the cooking, the art and the sport that characterize Lake Garda, already enjoy a great reputation at European level, if the Consortium with all the organizations, the Pro Loco and the Municipalities added that "bit of extra" to win the trust of young people too, the results would be even more surprising.

We at the Camping on Lake Garda Baia Verde will do anything to please everyone, from children up to the oldest, obviously passing the youth. Our village is located in a very privileged position, with direct access to the lake, offers splendid facilities and excellent services including the 3 swimming pools and do not forget, the activities you can do (day and night) are really many! We are waiting for you ...


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