1. Reception formalities are to be completed on the arrival of each crew. Each adult member will be asked to supply a non-expired identity document. The management reserves the right to keep at least one identity document for each individual crew until their departure

2. The installation bays are allocated by the management; any subsequent change must be authorized.

3. The tariffs are charged per night. For crews departing after 12.00 hours the following day will also be included (regardless of the time of arrival).

4. Dogs are accepted as long as they have been properly vaccinated and are always kept on a lead. The owners must ensure that they cause no disturbance or nuisance to others and create no problems regarding proper behaviour and hygiene of the accommodation. It is pointed out that infringements of the regulations concerning the use of a lead (always) and the cleanliness of the animals will involve immediately leaving the campsite.
Dogs are welcome. Dogs breeds considered dangerous from the Italian law are not allowed.

5. In the mobile homes Suite Deluxe, Family Deluxe, in the Lodge tents, in the apartments Iris, Girasole, Rose and in Villetta Fior di Sole dogs are not allowed.

6. The management assumes third party liability for persons and objects only within the limits, conditions and risks established by the insurance company with which the Camping Site has taken out the appropriate policy; the same can be seen at reception. In accordance with international agreement, damage caused to cars is excluded since these are already covered by obligatory vehicle insurance.

7. The Management is not responsible for any damage to people or objects caused by natural phenomena or natural disaster.

8. The Management is not responsible for theft or loss of any valuable objects left unattended or inside vehicles or camping equipment.

9. Relatives, friends and visitors in general may have access to the camp site after authorization by the Management and after an identity document has been handed over. The management reserves its right to check the identity of persons present at the camp site at any time.

10. The management reserves the right to demand payment for any damage or broken objects when checking before the departure of guests.

11. Vehicles driving inside the camp site must adhere to a maximum speed of Km 10/h.

12. It is absolutely forbidden to :
- wash cars, caravans and campers;
- light fires in the bays;
- damage plants, flowers or the equipment of the complex;
- make any noise between 23.00 hours and 7:00 hours or between 14.00 and 15.00, avoiding any activities that could disturb neighbours’ rest; 
- enter or drive around in motor vehicles inside the camp site during rest hours, i.e. 23:00 – 07:00 hours;
- It is recommended that during the timetable indicated above, the entry bar will be lowered and vehicles will have to be left in the appropriate parking spaces;
- It is pointed out that in the event of continued failure to comply with the provisions of the last two points of this article, it will be necessary to leave the campsite immediately;

13. It is highly recommended that:
- maximum cleanliness be maintained in the toilets, washbasins and all other hygiene facilities;
- chemical toilets kept in caravans be emptied into the specific place indicated by signposts or to connect to the drains on the pitches and not in the general toilets;
- children under 6 years of age be accompanied to the toilet facilities;
- dishes, clothes or anything else be not washed in the wash basins reserved for personal cleanliness;
- water be used in the proper amounts;
- papers and solid waste be placed in the specific containers outside the camping site.

14. Swimming pool regulations:
- The swimming pool use is allowed between from 10:00 to 19:00
- It is not obligatory to wear a swimming cap;
- Non-swimmers should so advise the swimming pool attendant; 
- Shouting is forbidden;
- Diving is forbidden;
-  The usage of inflatables is forbidden inside the swimming pools;
- The shower before getting into the swimming pool is compulsory;
- In case of rain the Life Guard service will not be guaranteed;

15. Staying at the campsite implies full acceptance of the following regulations. Not knowing the rules contained therein is not acceptable as an excuse; non-compliance will lead to taking any measures that become necessary, not least the requirement to leave the Camping site.  

Reservation rules

• Bookings can be made on this website, by fax, phone and post. The applying customer will receive a reservation form with the total amount and a deposit, the last one to be paid through bank. A booking confirmation will be sent after receipt of the deposit.
• Further addition to the number of customer booked are subjected to Management’s consent.
• In case of late arrival or shorter staying customer will be asked to pay in any case the whole amount for the booked period.
• The Management reserves the right to freely use the earlier left place.
• The emplacement’s assignment is up to the Management who, according to place availability, will do all what is possible to fulfill special requests.
• In case of not announced delayed arrival the booked accommodation will be guaranteed until 1 o’clock pm of the day after the established arrival date.
• The balance has to be paid not later than one day after the arrival.
• By paying the deposit customers automatically accept all these booking rules and internal regulation.

Booked pitches are available from 15.00 am and must be emptied within 12.00 am on departure day.

Deposit: Pitches’ reservation is not compulsory but is highly recommended during the high season; the reservation involves a 50% deposit.

Cancellations: In case of cancellation, which has to be written, Camping Baia Verde will behave accordingly to this plan:
- For cancellations received within the 45th day prior the established arrival day only the expenses will be retained.
- For cancellation received within the 15th day prior the established arrival day the 50% of the deposit will be retained.
- Any later cancellation will cause the loss of the whole deposit amount.

The Mobile home’s assignment is reserved to the Management. Check-in: from 3.00 pm till 8.00 pm.Checkout: before 10.00 o’clock.

Deposit: The deposit is about the 30% of the total amount of the vacation. On arrival customers will be asked to pay 100.00 € bond, the money will be returned on departure day after inspection of inventory, cleanliness and possible damages.

Cancellations: In case of cancellation, which will have to be written, the Management will behave as follows:
- Within the 45th day prior the scheduled arrival only the expenses will be retained.
- Between the 30th and the 15th day prior the scheduled arrival we will retain the 50% of the deposit
- Any later cancellation will cause the loss of the 100% of the deposit.