Camping on Lake Garda: the sailing season

The sport around the camping on Lake Garda Baia Verde: the Circolo di Gargnano.

Posted on 27 February 2018
Sport is one of the flagships among the tourist proposals we offer our guests at the camping on Lake Garda Baia Verde. Here on the lake practicing sport is a real privilege, in contact with nature and outdoors, discovering truly exciting views. Among windsurfing, rowing and sailing on the water - hiking, mountain biking, golf and climbing on land - paragliding in the air ... what do you prefer? What would you like to experience?
Today we like to talk about the sailing season of the Circolo Vela di Gargnano, which will start in a few days. There are 33 national and international events, including the regattas of Gorla and the famous Centomiglia, all to be followed and one more exciting than the other. On March 25th the “Roberto Bianchi Trophy” will start for its 40th edition. During the Easter days it will continue with the “Trofeo della Centrale del latte di Brescia”, until it reaches the 52nd Gorla in September, the ChildrenWindCup and many others.
From March 30th we will be able to welcome you at our camping on Lake Garda, so to take part in one of these events you can stay in our facilities. And what's better than combining a passion with a nice holiday? Do not wait any longer, book early to take advantage of exceptional discounts, our camping on Lake Garda provides you with pitches, mobile homes, bungalows and even apartments at the brand new eco-residence.

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