Residence on Lake Garda: a trip for your eco-holiday

Residence on Lake Garda and “green” holidays? The reopening of the Covoli footbridge in the valley of “Valle delle Cartiere”

Posted on 03 April 2018
The 2018 tourist season has officially started at the Baia Verde camping and the Residence on Lake Garda, Baia dei Fiori in Manerba, in the province of Brescia. Spring has blossomed in full force, coloring and perfuming the atmosphere in an almost fairytale way ... and it is wonderful to experience it by yourself, immersed in nature, renting a mobile home in the village or a new eco apartment of the residence on Lake Garda. We like to remind you that the structure, built entirely with respect for the environment and certified PassivHaus in May 2017, is a very special "green" choice, to live ecological holidays in full respect of the environment at 360 degrees.
And speaking of nature, environment and "green" holidays in our Residence on Lake Garda Baia dei Fiori, we like to make you an important announcement. We already talked about the wonderful “Valle dei Cartiere” in Toscolano Maderno in some of our previous articles, a valley surrounded by greenery with ancient ruins of the first local paper mills, for walks and mountain bike tours along the river. Just in fond of the valley, on April 2nd the footbridge of Covoli will be reopened, which unites it to the “Valle delle Camerate”. It is a very special path, overhanging the river, completely in the green, also suitable for bikers.
It's really worth organizing a trip in this amazing place, you can trust us! For any additional information, please ask the staff of the Residence on Lake Garda.

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