A thousand wishes from Baia Verde camping on Lake Garda

It’s almost Christmas, only a few days and finally this truly magical day will come. Preparations are in full swing at your home? The tree already decorated, the wrapped gifts below it, the windows illuminated and the Christmas menu defined? The excitement and expectation of children are perhaps the most surprising and beautiful things of this whole period. See them turn upside down to discover all the lights, hear them tell stories of the long-awaited Santa Claus, as well as listen to them singing the most beautiful Christmas tunes.
The staff of the Baia Verde camping on Lake Garda like to send you, in this extraordinary Christmas atmosphere, all the best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a very happy New Year. We wish all of you to spend wonderful days with your family, full of love, with great surprises and unexpected hugs ... because this is the very essence of Christmas. And then, for the new year, we wish you could fulfill some dreams and always be happy.

Between one preparation and another, we also like to advise you on a special gift: for your family, think about something unique and exceptional, a really important gift. It could be a nice vacation to spend together. Time spent with your children is priceless, book a nice stay at the Baia Verde camping on Lake Garda for the next season, put the order confirmation in a nice envelope and place it under the tree! It's not just a holiday, it's high quality time to spend all together.
Many, many best wishes once again from the Baia Verde camping. Share with us your decorations, your dinners and good lunches ... we are one big family so go wild on our Facebook and Instagram page! A very happy Christmas to you all.