Holidays on Lake Garda in Italy: the Green Pass

How does the travel for the summer 2021 holidays work? What are the rules for traveling between countries? And what is the Green Pass we have heard so much about? Today we answer all your "technical questions", in the meantime we gladly remind you that the Baia Verde sul Garda camping officially opened on April 28th, so we are waiting for you!

The Green Pass for holidays in Italy on Lake Garda

The Green Pass is a digital health certificate with which people vaccinated against Covid-19 can travel freely between nations without any restrictions. To date, the European Union is working to define all the details, meanwhile Italy is preparing a green pass that is equivalent to the European and unified model. It is a tool already used in some countries to contain pandemics and limit the spread of dangerous viruses.

The Green Pass is a free document in digital and paper format, safe and protected in order to always guarantee privacy, available in your national language and in English. It is equipped with a QR code to be read quickly even via smartphone.
It is obtained when a person:
- is vaccinated against Covid-19
- has a negative result after the test
- has completely overcome the disease and is declared cured

The Green Pass supports tourism for summer 2021

This certificate allows people who have already had the virus and who have recovered from it, as well as those who demonstrate through a test that they are negative for the virus or, increasingly, those who have been vaccinated to travel without any restrictions, in their own country and abroad, for any reason including tourism.

How to get the Green Pass

For the European Green Pass we will have to wait until June. While it seems that the national one may already come into operation in these days.
1. duration of 6 months for those who have recovered or been vaccinated from Covid-19
2. duration of 48 hours from the date of the rapid or molecular test with a negative result

With the Green Pass it is possible to move freely also in the red and orange areas, always wearing the mask and maintaining the physical distance.

Do not wait any longer, we look forward with all possible enthusiasm. We have designed really special holidays on Lake Garda for you ... book and start the countdown. Summer is coming!