One tourist in two seeks green holidays on Lake Garda

Half of the interviewed tourists prefer green holidays on Lake Garda, that's why

Posted on 19 June 2018
A recent study by Espresso Communication, made up of 1,200 people between the ages of 18 and 65, has shown that one in two Italians prefers a green and sustainable holiday. On the wave of this great change in the conscience of tourists, there are more and more structures that invest resources in optimizing their facilities and organizing their tourism proposal in order to protect the environment as much as possible. Some examples? The attention to the consumption of resources, the use of renewable funds, the proposal of organic products and km 0, the use of shared and sustainable mobility, therefore more bicycle and less cars, and much more.

Baia Verde camping is perfect for a green holiday on Lake Garda, in recent years has completely renovated its structure in order to make it as eco-sustainable as possible, reducing the impact on the environment in a remarkable way. This applies to both the camping area and the new eco-residence Baia dei Fiori, built in bio-building and certified PassivHaus.

But why more and more tourists are looking for a green holiday on Lake Garda?
1. awareness: 6 people out of 10 believe that the world must be safeguarded, in this situation more and more to the extreme;
2. real knowledge of the territory: 5 people out of 10 want to know Garda for what it really is, without infrastructure, in contact with nature;
3. psycho-physical well-being: 4 people out of 10 believe that only in this way a total wellbeing can be achieved and completely abandon the accumulated stress;
4. food and wine: during a green holiday on Lake Garda you have to taste the many typical local products, from cheese to fish, from oil to wine.

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