Redevelopment of the new area of our natural green camping on Lake Garda

The Baia Verde camping on Lake Garda participate in the announcement “Tourism and Attractiveness” - upgrading of hotels and extra hotel accommodation facilities, in order to arrange and prepare in the best way the new green area with lake outlet purchased from the property. The project we have presented provides the planting of native trees (evaluated by a professional in the sector) with the maximum respect for the territory and especially the surrounding fauna. Secondly, a clear improvement of the sewage system and the expansion of the toilets, with also the introduction of all the optimizations for people with disabilities.
We like to transform this new area radically so as to define our village a natural green camping on Lake Garda in all effects, operating at 100% without any lack. The work has already begun, everything is proceeding at full speed to ensure the end of all projects before the opening of the camping season. You can also follow all the steps on our Facebook page!
We support with great conviction this new area of the natural green camping on Lake Garda Baia Verde, dedicated to all the tourists who seek peace and tranquility, for a relaxing holiday in contact with nature. We will keep you informed about all the most important news, for any information please contact us and ... hurray the ecological holidays! The natural green camping on Lake Garda awaits you from the 30th of March 2018.