Holidays with the dog on Lake Garda: the essential documents

The documents to be obtained for the next holidays with the dog on Lake Garda at Baia Verde

Posted on 06 March 2018
One of the biggest problems at the time of departure for your holidays with your 4-legged friend is the verification of the DOCUMENTS. What are the essential documents for traveling? If you are organizing beautiful holidays with the dog on Lake Garda here are useful tips about the necessary documentation.

First of all, it is good to check that the structure you have chosen is Pet Friendly, that you can bring your dog and that he is welcome. Then, check with your veterinarian that the dog is well, that he is in good health and that he can travel without any problem. A small parenthesis on the trip, we strongly advise not to board your dog in the airplane hold because it could really be an unpleasant experience for him, the altitude, many hours of travel, distance from the owner and the not too courteous methods of the operators.
Once the good health is established, do not forget the vaccination booklet, the most important thing. Generally those to be carried out are: infectious gastroenteritis, distemper, infectious hepatitis, infectious tracheobronchitis, leptospirosis and rabies. For those coming from other countries, it is also essential to have a EU passport (mandatory from October 1, 2004) issued by the veterinary services. The only mandatory prophylaxis to cross the border is rabies.

The Baia Verde camping in Manerba invites you with great enthusiasm to spend the next holidays with the dog on Lake Garda, here your 4-legged friend is welcome! For any information, please contact us.

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